Texas woman pepper sprays ride-share driver, steals his wallet for refusing to go through drive-thru: police

A Texas woman is wanted in Houston after authorities say she pepper sprayed and robbed her ride-share driver over his refusal to take her through a fast-food restaurant drive-thru earlier … Read More

Fugitive murder suspect with history of attacking police spotted creeping through resident’s backyard

An escaped murder suspect, who police say fought his way out of custody after feigning an injury, has a history of attacking officers, court records reveal. After the Sept. 6 … Read More

Red wine flows through town’s streets after distillery tank accident releases more than half a million gallons

The small town of Levira, Portugal was on the verge of an environmental disaster on Monday after two holding tanks containing nearly 600,000 gallons of red wine burst, sending a … Read More

Climate protesters ridiculed as tribal police plow through Burning Man demonstration: ‘Bless those Rangers’

Climate protesters in Nevada were arrested for blocking traffic on a busy road which led to tribal police taking matters into their own hands, plowing the barricade set up by … Read More

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel wins praise for steering GOP through combustible 2024 presidential primary

With Friday’s announcement that the 2028 GOP presidential nominating convention will be held in Houston, Texas, longtime Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel appears to be building on her legacy. … Read More

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