Surprise homecoming for teen cancer patient, breast cancer myths and tips for better sleep

HOSPITAL HOMECOMING – A teenage brain cancer patient gets a surprise dance. Continue reading… HEART OF THE MATTER – When should you worry about heart palpitations? A cardiologist weighs in. Continue reading… … Read More

Flu prevention tips from Florida’s surgeon general: A ‘day-to-day’ healthy lifestyle is key

Flu season is right around the corner — and Americans are gearing up to protect themselves from getting sick. While many doctors recommend vaccinations, there may also be alternative ways … Read More

Siblings reunite after cancer battle, COVID concerns rise, and experts share brain-boosting tips

EMOTIONAL REUNION – Siblings see their brother for the first time after his 6-month hospital stay amid his cancer battle. Continue reading… CHECKED OUT – A new report points to a lack … Read More

‘Wilted’ hydrangeas will ‘perk right up’ and go from ‘drab to fab’ with three expert tips

If gardeners have some hydrangeas in their garden that look as though they are wilting, one expert has exclusively shared three tasks that can help “perk them right up”. Daily … Read More

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