Viral TikTok trend has people ‘mouth taping’ themselves before bedtime as doctors express caution

Medical professionals are raising eyebrows — and concerns — over a new viral TikTok trend known as “mouth taping.”  Some users on the video-sharing platform claim that mouth taping helps … Read More

Kate Middleton’s wicker bags are ‘eternally popular’ – now other royals follow same trend

KATE MIDDLETON loves to wear wicker clutch bags during the summer. Other royal women, including Princess Beatrice, Sophie Wessex and Meghan Markle are now beginning to follow suit. Daily Express … Read More

Kate Middleton starts ‘new fashion trend’ with £350 anklet in Belize – ‘beautiful on her’

KATE MIDDLETON has started a stunning fashion trend for this spring and the upcoming summer of 2022 – anklet jewellery. The Duchess of Cambridge was spotted wearing an anklet in … Read More

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