U.S. House Speaker says he has ‘agreement in principle’ with Biden to raise debt limit, avoid default

U.S. President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy have reached an “agreement in principle” to limit federal spending and resolve the looming debt crisis ahead of a June 5 … Read More

U.S. Capitol rioter photographed with feet on desk in Nancy Pelosi’s office sentenced to over 4 years

An Arkansas man who propped his feet on a desk in then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office in a widely circulated photo from the U.S. Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021, … Read More

‘Dream come true’ for L.A. dancers who just formed the only strippers’ union in the U.S.

Dancers at the Star Garden Topless Dive Bar in North Hollywood have joined the Actors’ Equity Association, making them the only unionized strippers in the United States. And they’re hoping others … Read More

U.S. lawmakers haven’t yet regulated Big Tech. Artificial intelligence could be more challenging

The U.S. Congress has yet to regulate some of the Big Tech companies like Meta and Google. And the issues raised at the Senate hearing on artificial intelligence illustrated the challenges of regulating … Read More

Should artificial intelligence be regulated by a U.S. or global body? The head of ChatGPT thinks so

The head of the artificial intelligence company that makes ChatGPT told Congress on Tuesday that government intervention will be critical to mitigating the risks of increasingly powerful AI systems. CBC … Read More

Enforce the CUSMA or it won’t be ‘worth the paper it’s printed on,’ top U.S. business leader says

The Canada-U.S.-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) is at substantive risk unless the three partners are held accountable for continuing to violate aspects of the deal, the head of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce … Read More

It’s already a record year for anti-2SLGBTQ bills in the U.S. Here are some of the rights rolling back

There has already been a bombardment of bills put forward in U.S. state legislatures so far this year affecting the rights of two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people — and … Read More

The U.S. debt limit is again stoking fears across the globe. Why not just scrap the thing?

With the U.S. government stoking global economic fears as it faces yet another standoff over raising the debt ceiling, some economic analysts and lawmakers are proposing a relatively simple solution to permanently resolve this … Read More

Canada was left out of key trilateral defence pact. That’s a problem, says report from U.S. think-tank

Canada was left out of the trilateral defence and security pact known as AUKUS — and a new report by a respected American think-tank says Ottawa must overcome its apparent indifference to the … Read More

Why a glitchy app may be standing in the way of thousands of migrants seeking asylum in the U.S.

Thousands of migrants seeking to cross the southern U.S. border this week after the government lifts its COVID-19 public health measures may be facing one more hurdle in their quest for asylum: a … Read More

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