Ukraine LIVE: Putin amasses ammunition and troops for ‘full-scale offensive at any time’

Russia’s major spring offensive is “expected at any time”, a Ukrainian governor has claimed, as Putin’s Armed Forces appear to be hoarding ammunition to maximise their strike force. The governor … Read More

Ukraine will potentially receive old Leopard 1 battle tanks from German defense industry stocks

Ukraine could add old Leopard 1 battle tanks from German defense industry stocks to deliveries of modern tanks that Berlin and other governments pledged last week to counter Russian forces … Read More

IOC rejects ‘defamatory’ criticism from Ukraine on Russia’s potential participation at 2024 Olympics

The International Olympic Committee on Monday rejected fierce criticism from Ukrainian officials, who have accused it of promoting war after the body said Russians could potentially be given the opportunity … Read More

North Korea denies supplying Russia weapons, warns US crossing ‘red line’ by sending battle tanks to Ukraine

North Korea has denied the U.S.’ claims that the country is providing Russia with weapons in its ongoing war with Ukraine.  In a statement to the Korean Central News Agency, … Read More

Russian TV hosts mock ‘toothless’ Germany and ‘battered’ US tanks as Ukraine war escalates

Russian TV presenters were quick to dismiss German and American tanks’ threats on the battlefield by exposing what military experts called “vulnerabilities” of the military vehicles. One Russian state TV … Read More

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