Doctors under fire as patients’ claims of ‘medical gaslighting’ go viral: Need to ‘be our own advocates’

Patients who don’t feel heard by a health care professional are finding a voice on social media — with the hashtag #medicalgaslighting now garnering more than 226 million views on TikTok. … Read More

Polygamous sect leader accused of taking more than 20 wives — half of them girls under 18

A polygamous sect leader and some of his followers have been indicted for allegedly conspiring to travel across Arizona state lines and get “wives” for him, authorities said Thursday. CBC … Read More

Plumbing pro shares 5 ’kitchen ingredients’ to ‘dissolve’ drain blockages in under 1 hour

A blocked kitchen or bathroom sink can be a nightmare for homeowners, with unpleasant smells, strange gurgling sounds and dirty standing water all causing disruption. If not cleared quickly, blockages … Read More

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