“More people than ever” are surviving cancer in the U.S., study shows, as research and treatment see “unprecedented progress”

Cancer has long been one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. But according to new research, the last decade has seen “unprecedented progress” – and now, more … Read More

Japan sees ‘unprecedented’ typhoon slam onto shore, causing power outages and massive evacuations

Typhoon Nanmadol slammed onto the shore of southern Japan on Sunday and caused massive infrastructure disruptions, including power outages and forcing thousands of people to evacuate. The Japan Meteorological Agency … Read More

LAWRENCE JONES: America’s children are facing ‘unprecedented challenges’ as new school year begins

Fox News host Lawrence Jones broke down the challenges facing America’s education system on “Cross Country.” LAWRENCE JONES: We’re taking a hard look at the state of our education in … Read More

Attorney General Garland ‘shepherding’ Trump investigation is ‘madness,’ ‘unprecedented’: Clay Travis

OutKick founder Clay Travis dubbed Attorney General Merrick Garland’s personal involvement in the investigation into former President Trump “madness” and “unprecedented” Thursday on “The Story.” TRUMP INVOKES FIFTH AMENDMENT RIGHTS … Read More

Warner Bros CANCEL two completed movie releases costing $130 million ‘Unprecedented s***!’

WARNER BROS have taken a radical move that has totally shocked Hollywood by deciding not to release two of their brand new multi-million dollar completed movies in cinemas, on streaming … Read More

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