‘Magic’ 55p kitchen staple unblocks toilets in ’15 minutes’ without using a plunger

There are approximately 300,000 sewer blockages a year which costs the country £100million. Despite many people being aware that flushing certain items down the toilet can cause blockages, recent research … Read More

Texas suspect charged with murder after allegedly using Uber to deliver fatal fentanyl pills: police

Texas authorities arrested an alleged drug dealer, who was later charged with murder after he “used an unsuspecting Uber delivery driver” to deliver fentanyl. Garland resident Kennedy Kirby, 30, was … Read More

Alexander the Great’s father located in Greek tomb after remains identified using X-ray analysis: study

Alexander the Great’s father’s remains have been identified in a Greek tomb using X-ray analysis, a new study says.  The new international — yet controversial study — states that archaeologists … Read More

Remove mould from your walls without damaging paint using expert’s three household staples

Mould can affect the walls of any property, especially as cold weather continues. Luckily, there is a way to remove it without damaging the paint, claims property experts. Daily Express … Read More

95p ‘chemical-free’ staples remove dirt and limescale from toilet bowls using ‘abrasion’

Toilet limescale is caused by hard water which contains high amounts of calcium and magnesium. When the hard water evaporates, it leaves the minerals behind which leads to stains. Daily … Read More

Biden defends order to attack Iraq, Syria, using War Powers Resolution and authorizations from 2001 and 2002

President Biden, on Sunday, sent a formal notification to Congress about executing airstrikes, saying his actions were “consistent” with the War Powers Resolution of 1973. Biden’s letter was sent just … Read More

$83M verdict in E. Jean Carroll case against Trump ignites firestorm: ‘Democrats are using the system’

A firestorm ignited Friday after a federal jury ordered former President Donald Trump to pay E. Jean Carroll more than $ 83 million in damages after he denied allegations he … Read More

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