Quebec police solve nearly 50-year-old cold case murder of teenager using DNA advancements

Police in Canada said Tuesday they have solved one of the highest-profile cold cases in Quebec history. Police in Longueuil, Quebec made the announcement during a press conference, saying they … Read More

US Embassy in Brazil releases instructional video on the ‘importance of using neutral pronouns’

The U.S. Embassy in Brasília, Brazil, published a video teaching the “importance” of using gender-neutral pronouns, including “xe/xem” and “ze/hir.” The video was posted to the Embassy’s social media on … Read More

JESSE WATTERS: America’s most prominent newspapers have spent a decade using race like a knife to divide us

Fox News host Jesse Watters explores how racism became a forefront of conversation in America on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”  JESSE WATTERS: A small group of people has been picking at … Read More

Ukrainian farmer designs mine-clearing tractor using parts from destroyed Russian tanks

A Ukrainian farmer has designed a remote-controlled mine-clearing tractor using parts from destroyed Russian tanks.  Oleksandr Kryvtsov, who runs an agricultural company in the eastern Ukrainian village of Hrakove, is … Read More

Police using AI could lead to ‘predictive’ crime prevention ‘slippery slope,’ experts argue

A pilot program in the U.K. to enhance police capabilities via artificial intelligence has proven successful but could pave the way for a slide into a future of “predictive policing,” … Read More

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