Christianity dwindles to minority religion in England, Wales for first time on record: ‘Not a great surprise’

The number of Christians in England and Wales has dipped below half of the population for the first time in census history, according to government statistics released Tuesday. The Office … Read More

Tiny ‘bramble snout’ fossils found near Wales were ‘weird wonders’ that predated the dinosaurs

About 460 million years ago, bizarre soft-bodied creatures puttered through the depths of an ocean that covered what is now Wales. They propelled themselves with undulating, rounded flaps that waved … Read More

Wales and its long-suffering fans give Canadians a dress-rehearsal of what’s to come at men’s World Cup

Few countries can claim as many grandparents who have heard stories about when their national team played in a World Cup without having seen it for themselves. CBC | Sports … Read More

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