NBC correspondent sounds alarm on more bad poll results for Biden: ‘You don’t want to be there’

NBC political correspondent Steve Kornacki sounded the alarm on a new NBC poll that showed former President Trump beating President Biden in a hypothetical general match-up for the first time … Read More

Hungary PM rips Western European immigration policies, says he doesn’t want ‘mini Gazas in Budapest’

Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said he does not want his country to copy the “failed migration policies” of Western Europe that he suggests led to terrorism, gang wars and … Read More

James Carville calls Democrats ‘ludicrous’ who don’t want to discuss Biden’s viability

Democratic strategist James Carville said in an interview with the Washington Post that it was “ludicrous” to avoid debating President Biden’s viability fo a second term. Rep. Dean Phillips, D-Minn., … Read More

The U.K. and New Zealand want to ban the next generation from smoking at any age. Should Canada follow?

Government officials in the U.K. are proposing a smoke free generation law, following in the footsteps of New Zealand. Canadian experts say a generational ban could help. CBC | World … Read More

US-born IDF soldier fighting on front lines: ‘We don’t want to be here…but we have to protect our kids’

A U.S.-born sergeant major in the Israeli Defense Forces’ Special Operations Engineering Unit said Monday that the military is focused on preserving life and limiting the number of casualties among both … Read More

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