‘Kills it at the roots’: ‘Best’ way to remove ‘well-established’ perennial weeds on paths

A GARDENING expert has shared the “best” way to remove “well-established” perennial weeds from paths. The plant expert suggested using a “systemic action weed killer” to kill the weed “at … Read More

‘Cheapest’ and ‘surprisingly effective’ way to kill ‘deep-rooted’ weeds – ‘zero cost!’

WEEDS can be a pain to tackle, especially during the spring and summer months as garden growth resumes and weeds quickly pop out of nowhere. A gardening expert has shared … Read More

‘They will dry out’: Alan Titchmarsh shares how to avoid weeds ‘reappearing’ in spring

ALAN TITCHMARSH has shared how gardeners can avoid garden weeds “reappearing” between plants in spring. He explained that by weeding by hand, the weeds “will dry out” fast. Daily Express … Read More

Homemade method is ‘quicker way’ to rid gardens of weeds – ‘doesn’t leave any residue’

GARDENING experts have shared the “quickest ways” to “effectively” rid gardens of weed without leaving “any residue or harmful effects” behind. They claimed that “homemade herbicides” are the way to … Read More

‘Will kill everything it touches’: Get rid of ‘pesky weeds’ using cheap cupboard items

GARDEN weeds can be a nuisance, especially after spending hours working away outside. Gardeners are being urged to consider homemade and chemical-free alternatives to keep weeds under control this spring. … Read More

Gardening expert shares ‘cardboard’ hack for clearing ‘lots’ of weeds – ‘keeps weeds down’

A GARDENING expert has shared how to use “cardboard” to clear “lots” of weeds and prevent them from growing. The garden pro said this hack “keeps weeds down”. Daily Express … Read More

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