Las Vegas school outbreak leaves 130 students ‘projectile vomiting’ outside, parents without answers

Parents are still without answers nearly a week after a gastrointestinal illness outbreak affected more than 100 children at an elementary school in Las Vegas, resulting in teachers lining the … Read More

Jackson, Mississippi, preparing to go without water periodically for up to 10 years as crisis continues

Organizations in Jackson, Mississippi, are asking for help from other states as the water crisis dries up resources. It’s been over five months since the Pearl River crested and Jackson, … Read More

Hundreds of homes in England and Wales left without power as National Grid suffers cuts

Hundreds of homes in England and Wales under the National Grid’s electricity distribution service have been left with no power this morning. Households in Staffordshire, West Midlands, Cornwall, Cardiff, and … Read More

‘Comes up like new’: ‘Best’ way to clean oven racks without ‘scrubbing – ‘miracle cleaner’

If you use the oven regularly, chances are the oven racks will become dirty too, with baked-on grease and burnt bits of food. To help clean racks without “scrubbing”, cleaning … Read More

London police play ‘numbers game’ hiring officers without face-to-face interviews: report

London police have hired new officers without face-to-face interviews, raising concerns over the quality of candidates joining the force.  The use of online assessments has increased as the London Metropolitan … Read More

Best way to ‘easily’ remove ‘tough’ yellow pillow stains without using the washing machine

Pillow washing or cleaning is crucial when maintaining good hygiene. Some materials however, can not be placed into the washing machine, and so the best method to clean them is … Read More

“You would have thought Steph Curry was in the gym”: Teen born without legs makes basketball team

Louisville, Kentucky — Technically, 13-year-old Josiah Johnson has a disability. But almost no one sees it, because he doesn’t see it.  Although born without legs, he has yet to find … Read More

‘Simple fix’ kills washing machine bacteria without chemicals – bleach ‘damages’ machines

Keeping our washing machines clean and free of bacteria is an important part of keeping our clothes and bedding fresh. Regularly cleaning our washing machines will also ensure the hard-working … Read More

Leisure services at risk without further support for energy bills, UK government warned

UKactive believes leisure services should be classes as ‘intensive’ energy users requiring more bespoke support Swimming pools, leisure centres and gyms are at risk of closure unless the UK government … Read More

£1 ‘cupboard staple’ banishes mould from ‘all surfaces’ without using ‘harsh chemicals’

Mould and condensation seem to be a common occurrence in UK homes as cold and damp weather continues across the country. If left untreated, issues like dampness and condensation could … Read More

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