Police launch possible hate crime investigations after CCTV catches brutal assault of Jewish woman

Police in the United Kingdom are investigating an assault as a potential hate crime after viral video of the incident was circulated online by a neighborhood watch group. Shomrim, a … Read More

Texas attorney general threatens doctors with prosecution after court rules woman can get emergency abortion

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Thursday threatened to prosecute any doctors involved in providing an emergency abortion to a woman, hours after she won a court order allowing her … Read More

California woman with painful fat deposit disorder gets ‘life-changing’ surgery and ‘newfound freedom’

An estimated one in nine adult women struggle with an abnormal and painful fat buildup in the lower body — and no amount of diet or exercise can help. Lipedema, … Read More

Flight descends into chaos when ‘possessed’ woman begins screaming, jumping over seats: ‘There’s a real devil’

A Frontier Airlines flight turned chaotic when a woman began screaming and yelling while in the air, causing one passenger to begin preaching in the aisle. The incident happened aboard … Read More

Wanted Florida woman on probation for selling fentanyl found hiding inside couch, sheriff says

A wanted Florida woman lost a game of hide-and-seek Tuesday night after deputies captured her hiding inside a couch, authorities said. Stacy Usher, 39, had been evading authorities in Citrus … Read More

‘They’ve got me’: Father of Israeli woman taken hostage relives daughter’s words as hope for peace fades

In Tel Aviv, traumatized survivors of the Kfar Aza kibbutz attacked by Hamas militants on Oct. 7 recently gathered in a seaside park to fly kites to bring attention to … Read More

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