Meghan Markle proves she ‘wears the trousers’ again as Prince Harry watches | Royal | News

Body language expert Judi James told “Meghan’s body language here suggests she is keen to make this look like a family visit rather than a celebrity one.

“Carrying a birthday cake complete with candles is usually the job of a partner or close relative so it’s clear she was immersing herself in the family gathering dynamic.

“By carrying the cake and instigating the singing, Meghan is central to the group and looks more like the instigator than Harry.”

The expert added that Prince Harry appeared overcome by loving emotions as he “proudly” looked at his wife during the joyful get-together.

She explained: “Harry hangs back here, watching his wife with what looks like pride, but looking as though she is in charge while he takes more of a back seat socially at this point.

He is clearly keen to show his emotions though.

“He sways slightly from one foot to the other and while one arm is around his torso in a partial cut-off, hinting it’s not his moment in the spotlight, the other is placed flat on his upper chest in a gesture that is almost a mime signal of being overcome by loving emotions.”

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