Cleaning fans rave about 50p product that removes white marks from hob

If you’re battling with stubborn white marks on your hob, you’ll know that no amount of scrubbing seems to shift them – but cleaning enthusiasts have discovered a miracle product that does the trick.

Ceramic hobs often get stained with spills, grease or burnt food, and over time these can become a cleaning nightmare. You might think that go-to solutions like white vinegar and baking soda would save the day, but when it comes to these tough stains sometimes they don’t quite do the job.

One frustrated homeowner took her problem to Facebook, posting a photo of her hob laden with white marks to the We Love Mrs Hinch group on Facebook. “Hey anyone know how I can clean my top bit of my oven stove here? ” she enquired.

She explained the cause of the unsightly marks: “I put charcoal on the stove to [heat] for my shisha and that’s why it’s done that.”

But fans of cleaning guru Sophie Hinchliffe, better known as Mrs Hinch, had the perfect answer – the Astonish Hob Cream Cleaner. One member of the group recommended the product, writing: “I use Astonish hob cleaner.”

Others chimed in to praise the cleaner, with several confirming its effectiveness. “I use it on my electric hob. It’s brilliant,” one person commented.

Another user was equally enthusiastic, saying they “swear by” the product. The item is available on the Robert Dyas website for a mere £2.09, where it has garnered multiple five-star reviews. One satisfied customer declared they were “very pleased” with the product as it “cleans really well with minimum effort”.

A further review noted how it “Got all the stains away. Looks like new.”

Multiple individuals suggested that she could give the Pink Stuff paste a go. “Pink stuff paste – leave it on for 10 mins then scrub in circular motion, then rinse cloth and wipe away,” one user advised.

Another chimed in saying: “Pink stuff is brilliant.”

But take heed, as the Pink Stuff is deemed an abrasive cleaner, you should proceed with caution when applying it on hobs since it may prove overly harsh and potentially scratch the glass surface. When unsure, refer to the product’s usage instructions.

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