How to remove limescale shower screen without white vinegar or baking soda

accumulating in a thick layer over the surface of your will make it look dirty and dreary.

The hard white substance consists of calcium carbonate and is collected by water on the side of pipes. This is known as limescale.

It gets stubborn if left untreated for long. So what’s the secret? Instead of using harsh chemicals, you can treat your cloudy shower screen using natural items like

It works wonders in removing tough stains and water deposits like limescale with ease.

However, one claiming fan took to the Army Cleaning Tips page to share a natural alternative that worked better for her.

Posting a picture of her shower screen, the glass looked spotless and gleaming without a spec of limescale or streak in sight.

Sam Hill wrote: “I know a lot of people always ask on here what’s best to clean shower screen with. I’ve literally tried everything to get the limescale off like white vinegar but it never works this well.

“I’ve found the best thing to use soda crystals. I make a paste and apply it in circles with a microfibre cloth.

“Leave for a couple of hours, then rub it off with a microfibre cloth and rinse to finish. It’s like new.”

Soda crystals are a great natural cleaning product that can help to remove limescale and soap scum build-up that attack shower screens daily.

Curious to know how to use soda crystals on shower screens, Sophie Mitchell asked: “How do you make the paste with soda crystals?”

Sam replied: “Add around half a quarter of the bag [125g] to a bowl with just enough water to form a paste.”

A 1kg bag of soda crystals retail for £2 at Sainsbury’s and Tesco. With the amount needed for this cleaning tip, it would cost you 25p per use.

Mrs Hinch fans in the comments had other recommendations – and that was mainly to use Viakal.

Louise Andrews wrote: “I use Viakal every day in my cleaning business and it always gives a good result. 

“Open the window and spray your screen with Viakal and then using a non-abrasive scourer, rub in circular motions all over and then leave for 20 minutes or so and then wash off with hot water and leave to dry.”

Danielle Reed said: “We had an awful time trying to get limescale off. We just brought Viakal. Works wonders.”

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