Drivers are only just realising car headrests have a hidden function

Although not designed for this reason, the motoring chiefs claim that a headrest could be used as an emergency escape device.

The specialists claim some vehicles have detachable headrests which could be used to help drivers and passengers break windows to escape the vehicle if they cannot get out.

A spokesperson for Swansway Motor Group said: “While it may seem odd that a headrest can be fully removed from a seat, it is important that drivers and their passengers are aware of its potentially lifesaving use.

“Most headrests can easily be detached by pressing the button at the bottom and pulling the headrest out from the seat.

“We advise that you assess the situation you are in and if you do choose this method to escape your vehicle, you are wary of the dangers of shattered glass.”

If road users find themselves trapped inside the car and need to get out, headrests should be detached from their position.

Drivers can then insert the metal rods into the space between the window and the car door.

With enough force, the window glass is likely to shatter providing motorists with a means to escape the vehicle within seconds.

TikTok account @BattlBox previously tried to smash a car window with a headrest and proved that the tip does work.

It took less than five seconds and less than six punches for the spikes on the bottom of the headrest to take out the glass.

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