10 most expensive places for petrol in the UK – full list

The cost of running a car is pretty expensive. Just think of the road tax, car insurance, and any costs or repairs that you might need to make.

Let alone the cost of petrol. If you’re a regular driver whether it is for work, driving the kids to school or just general getting around then you might want to make note.

New research has found the 10 most expensive places in the UK for petrol. As Brits grapple with the ever-rising cost of fuel, certain regions are feeling the pinch more than others.

Jason Higgs, a senior deals strategist at Bountii has revealed the factors driving these price variations.

He explained, “Areas with higher transportation costs due to their remote locations or limited infrastructure often face higher fuel prices. Additionally, local taxes and levies can significantly impact the final cost at the pump.” Let’s take a look at the top most affected areas in the UK.

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