Ex-police officer shares £30 accessory to protect car from thieves

The dashcam manufacturer Nextbase has teamed with a former police officer to help motorists prevent their car from being stolen.

According to the DVLA, more than 64,000 cars were taken by criminals during 2023, with popular models, including the Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Astra, being some of the most commonly targeted.

Ben Pearson, former interceptor and Police Advisor for Nextbase, suggested that drivers can protect their car by making it harder to break into than others nearby.

He advised: “You don’t need to make your car the hardest car to steal in the world – just the hardest on to steal on your street.

“Today’s thieves are often sophisticated and well-practiced, but if there is an easier target around they are much more likely to try their luck with that vehicle instead.”

To protect their car, Nextbase recommended that drivers invest in accessories such as a wheel clamp or steering lock.

Whilst these old-fashioned accessories can be bought for as little as £30, they add an extra layer of protection to their vehicle, meaning it would take longer for a thief to steal.

The company noted that security accessories are particularly useful for owners of cars with keyless entry, which can be easier for thieves to break into.

Another way in which drivers can protect their vehicle is by being considerate about where they park it, even if they are only leaving the car for a few moments.

Whilst not all drivers are able to park their car on a driveway or inside a garage, leaving the vehicle in a busy or well-lit area will increase the chances of criminals being spotted, making it less likely that they will attempt to break in.

Similarly, drivers should be mindful of what they leave inside the vehicle, taking out or hiding any valuable items, such as phones, tablets and satnav systems.

Finally, Nextbase suggested that drivers should avoid showing their car on social media sites and other platforms where prying eyes might be able to spot it.

Whilst many car lovers enjoy showing off what they drive, posting images featuring the number plate make it much easier for thieves to trace the location of the vehicle.

Enterprising criminals may also clone the number plates and fit them onto another vehicle, potentially leading to the original owner facing expensive speeding and emission zone charges.

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