‘I broke into my sister’s home and caught her in a lie’

The elder sister, Anita*, put her dilemma to the court of public opinion on Reddit to find out who people believe to be right and wrong.

Anita, 32, had generously offered her teenage sister a place to live, rent-free, in one of her husband’s townhomes. The arrangement was established with a singular condition – the younger sister’s “baby daddy” was to stay away.

“The guy is very much bad news and has a record,” Anita revealed. “Every time he comes into my sister’s life he sets her back, mentally and academically.”

Wanting her younger sister, Lily*, to focus on her education and wellbeing, Anita was happy to help her out financially.

However, it soon appeared that Lily might have been bending the rules to suit her own needs.

The seeds of suspicion were sown when a familiar car was repeatedly spotted parked outside the townhome. “At first I thought [the baby daddy] was just visiting or babysitting,” said Anita, but the car stayed outside till very late.

The older sister, unable to ignore her nagging concerns, decided to take matters into her own hands. Armed with a master key and a determination to uncover the truth, she trespassed into her sister’s home.

“Maybe it was wrong but I just needed to see for myself,” Anita said, justifying her decision. But once she entered Lily’s home, it was clear – the baby daddy was living there too.

“I was honestly furious because that was the only rule I gave her and were losing money by helping her,” said Anita.

The discovery of the baby daddy’s clothes and personal stuff at the house led to a fiery confrontation between the sisters.

Anita demanded Lily to pay rent or to leave the premises if she insisted on sneaking her baby daddy in the home.

Lily, however, couldn’t see past the fact that Anita had let herself into her home while she was out.

The mum, Karen*, agreed that Anita shouldn’t have gone into the home without permission.

Incensed, Anita asked Reddit if she was wrong for asking her 19-year-old sister for rent.

One commented: “She knew the rules, she broke them. She can pay her way, or live by the rules. It’s a simple concept really.”

In agreement, another Reddit user posted: “Sounds like she is used to no consequences. Lied to your face. It’s not her house if she doesn’t pay rent or a mortgage.”

While another said: “You’re trying to control her life and that’s not ever going to work. Your rule was based on your love of your sister but it was doomed to fail.”

*Names have been changed.

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