Tory MP says cadets should be given old military equipment and weapons | Politics | News

The MP said: “It goes without saying that higher operating costs should be mitigated too, that more transport should be available, that more opportunities are provided to train alongside our regular forces and that better event training and more updated equipment can be delivered.”

“Whilst it is a considerable outlay for the MoD to provide uniforms, weapons and other personal kit, it should be possible for other serviceable ex-military equipment, that would otherwise be disposed of, to be provided to cadet units.”

He also thinks people who help out as volunteers should get some money for their time. He explained: “It would be massively positive for all of our adult volunteers to be given a financial incentive for their time.”

“Not only would this be recruitment and retention positive, it would send a clear signal that the MoD is taking the broader benefits more seriously. Our volunteers are the lifeblood of the Cadet movement.”

During a debate on the cadet expansion programme, Mr Sunderland said better training facilities should be provided for cadets.

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