Your Samsung TV gets exclusive upgrade with more free things to watch

If you have a Samsung TV tucked in the corner of your living there’s good news. It’s just been confirmed that a new music service, called Staccs, is about to launch on these popular screens which promises to bring the best of music television to UK homes. Staccs has been broadcasting for a while in the Nordics but it’s now spreading its wings to beam content into more areas including Britain.

The team behind the platform say they will offer a dedicated music channel where viewers can enjoy round-the-clock music videos, concert clips and exclusive recordings.

It’s also been confirmed that the channel will offer music fans a range of curated programming such as legendary live performances, modern country, the best of 2023, iconic music videos, classic love songs

This FAST (Free ad-supported streaming television) service is coming exclusively to Samsung’s popular TV Plus service – which can be found on most modern screens made by the firm – and will be totally free to watch with no subscription or registration needed.

As well as music videos, Staccs TV will offer other entertainment including original programmes such as ‘Heavy Metal HeyDaze’, a brand new show on Thursday evening which takes viewers down memory lane of rock ‘n’ roll, hosted by the former MTV presenter Vanessa Warwick.

Staccs TV will be Staccs’ flagship TV channel on Samsung TV Plus, with plans to add a further three more channels to the platform in the works. It will launch on April 24.

“At Samsung, we’re focused on providing the best TV experience to our customers,” said Stuart Pearson, UK Lead, Content Acquisition at Samsung TV Plus. “We are pleased to welcome Staccs TV to our Samsung TV Plus FAST platform, and bring their exciting catalogue of music videos and original content to our viewers. Audiences are responding to FAST because of its unique value proposition, offering a broad range of free streaming content including music, right alongside live sports, entertainment, news and more”.

And Robert Kviby, CEO of Staccs, added: “We are thrilled to bring Staccs TV to music lovers in the UK. We always wanted to bring our unique video services to the UK audience, who live and breathe music like nowhere else.”

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