How to get orchids blooming faster with expert’s essential task that takes seconds

are pretty easy to grow once you know their needs, particularly when it comes to .

Blooms last for several months and you can get them to rebloom without a lot of effort.

In a bid to help fellow orchid owners see flowers blooming from their orchid “faster”, user @orchids_withlove shared her tip in a video.

She said: “Want to make your orchid bloom two times faster? Here is the secret.”

The orchid expert conducted an experiment with two of her orchids that had just finished blooming at the same time and decided to them in different ways.

For the first one she had cut off the spike (stem) completely, then for the second one she had cut it just above the node – the part of a plant stem from which one or more leaves and flowers emerge.

After checking on the first orchid five months later, the one with the spike cut off completely is full of blooms. 

However, the second orchid, the one with the spike cut off just above the node, didn’t produce any blooms.

The orchid expert concluded: “So here is a pro tip – always cut off the spike completely once your orchid has finished blooming and you will get new blooms in just a few months.”

Aside from carrying out this tip, the TikTok user also noted in the comments section that other factors affect blooming – light, root health and fertilisation.

Increasing light levels can also help facilitate blooming if your orchid is placed farther from a window. Preferably within an east or west-facing window.

Most orchids will have aerial roots reaching out into the air, rather than digging down into the potting media.

These roots are looking for a tree branch to attach to. These roots absorb moisture from the air. Do not trim off these wandering roots, just let them do their thing.

Now that spring has begun orchid owners should start their houseplant every other week with either an all-balanced fertiliser, one labelled as “bloom booster” or even one specifically designed for orchids. 

Dilute the fertiliser to half strength (meaning half of the normal recommended amount) into the water before applying it to the soil.

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