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Liam Gallagher is not known for being low key. But last night’s joint show with legendary Stone Roses guitarist John Squire (the meeting of minds dubbed a Manchester mashup by fans) was low key, almost intimate, and beautiful in its simplicity. Any excess pomp and swagger was left at the door for an understated, rough and ready show that let the music do the talking, and both frontmen shine in equal measure. The set – short but sweet at just 11 songs, and coming in at under an hour in total – consisted almost entirely of new album material, with a Rolling Stones Jumpin’ Jack Flash cover to close. The first of two shows, which each sold out in just 10 seconds upon ticket release, kicked off at Manchester’s O2 Apollo with Just Another Rainbow and One Day At A Time. Liam’s iconic drawl was on point throughout, curling its way around the new lyrics. On his right, John played guitar as effortlessly as if it were a part of him. The bluesy I’m A Wheel was particularly good, as was the radio earworm Mars To Liverpool. 

Long, indulgent instrumentals allowed John to take centre stage, with Liam prowling off into the shadows to let the light shine on the 61-year-old guitarist. There was a natural symbiosis between them. I’ve seen Liam and John a few times now, both separately, and each time in mega stadiums. So to have the pair of them just feet away in the 3500 venue was magic. Liam remains mesmeric, one of the greatest frontmen of our time. 

I know better than to cajole the famously silent Stone Roser, but, if I’m being picky, I’d have liked a few more words from Liam. There was a joke in there somewhere about football, but that was it. The city of Manchester raised him, and holds him in ni-on god like status today. A nod to where he stood wouldn’t have gone amiss. 

Nevertheless, the pair’s homecoming was a raw diamond, and hopefully not the last time the two will share a stage. 

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