Instagram down for thousands of users in latest Meta outage

Thousands of Instagram users reported issues with the app.

Starting just before middnight on Friday, March 22, users reported problems with their feed loading.

They were said to be unable to access posts or Reels with some struggling to log on.

Almost 7,000 people across the United Kingdom reported problems with the app, reports DownDetector.

Issues accessing Instagram were also reported in the USA.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, the hashtag #Instagramdown started trending.

According to The Sun US, one person wrote: “thought I was being hacked had me in bed like this, just instagram down AGAIN.”

Someone else wrote: “The relief of finding i have not been hacked but it’s an everywhere problem.”

And another person wrote: “Everyone rushing to Twitter to see if Instagram is down.”

The issues at Instagram come less than 24 hours after Facebook, Instagram and Messenger were reportedly hit by outages. Previously users reported issues across the US, Europe and Asia.

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