Fried egg hack ‘you didn’t know you needed’ and no flipping

Fried are one of the most versatile breakfast ingredients and everyone has their own way of cooking them.

While some like them sunny-side up or over-easy, others prefer over-medium or well with a firm yolk.

Either way, three of them require careful flipping to achieve the desired texture, which is notoriously hard to master.

But with one TikTok content creator’s cooking hack, you’ll never have to flip an egg again

The simple trick, which was shared by Sean Jimminson on his TikTok account (@seanjimminsonfitness), cooks the egg without turning the yolk face down and potentially breaking it.

Sean talked his followers through “the fried egg hack you didn’t know you needed”, adding: “All you need is a frying pan, an egg, a splash of water, and a pan lid.”

It also eliminates the need for any oil which is great for people trying to cut out or reduce their intake of saturated fats.

The combination of the lid and water is used to effectively steam the egg, cooking the yolk through from the top.

Sean said: “Add a splash of water onto the lid and cover the egg. And you’ll never have to flip an egg again. Once it’s sealed, remove the lid and you’ll get perfectly cooked fried eggs every time.”

When steaming eggs, the contact with ultra-hot water vapour heats the egg in the same way that boiling water or a hot cast-iron pan would.

This has a similar effect on the yolk as poaching, but of course, the final result depends on exactly how long the eggs are cooked.

Over easy eggs, which are cooked on both sides but still runny inside, should be cooked for approximately two minutes. And the best part is, there’s no need to flip them over when using Sean’s clever tip.

Many TikTok users were impressed by the steamed-fried egg hack, prompting some to comment on the video.

One person claimed that the method “worked perfectly” while another said: “Been doing that all my life. My mother did it before me. We always call them sunny side up.”

A third person chimed: “oooooooohhh…..get my pot lid out that cupboard!! Well trying this.”

Some criticised Sean’s tip claiming that it’s “not good for a crispy white”, which is achievable when using oil to fry the eggs.

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