Luke Littler blasted and sworn at by Van Barneveld as huge row erupts | Other | Sport

Van Barneveld continued: “He responded: yes, I only respond to text messages. Whatsapp I’m actually not on. Well fine, I sent a text message: congratulations with Wieze. And then nothing. Fine. Then I’m also a bit done with it. The next time I get asked if I want to do something for him, I’ll pass.

“I understand that you get thousands of text messages but of course I’m not just anyone. If I’ve been your inspiration for years, I also expect a text message back. Dude’s on his phone all day, f*** off.”

Van Barneveld’s crushing Littler revelation came just hours after the youngster’s quarter-final Premier League defeat to Michael Smith in Dublin on Thursday, as he is still in search of a maiden nightly win.

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