I made a red velvet mug cake recipe in six minutes that was so easy and delicious

is not something many feel that they have the time, effort or skill for, but none of that’s needed with a mug cake.

Mug cakes are literally cakes that are cooked in mugs in the microwave. They are popular because they’re easy to make and it is single-serving.

When you are craving cake, but don’t want to have to whip out all your baking equipment, let alone bake an entire cake, a mug cake is a great alternative to nip that craving in the bud.

While in the mood for some red velvet cake, I decided to make the mug cake version – and it did not disappoint.

The I followed for this was from food enthusiast Sarah Rainey’s Six-Minute Showstoppers cookbook which is described as “easy”.

She added: “In the mood for a cake in a hurry? You need this microwave mug to take on a classic red velvet cake. It’ll be ready in just six minutes.”


For the cake

40g self-raising flour

50g golden caster sugar

Two tablespoons cocoa powder

Three tablespoons vegetable or sunflower oil

Three tablespoons milk

One egg

Half a teaspoon red gel food colouring 

For the icing

25g icing sugar

Two tablespoons cream cheese


I started by weighing out all of the ingredients to speed up the process.

I then grabbed a microwave-proof mug that comfortably held 300ml and greased the inside with butter, or you could use flavourless oil.

After I combined all of the wet ingredients – the milk, egg and oil – and put it to the side for a later step.

Next, I mixed all the dry ingredients until combined before adding in the mixed wet ingredients.

The final step before the microwave was to add the food colouring, making sure to stir at the same time to get the colour just right. 

You’re looking for a vivid red, but remember it will fade slightly as it cooks and the cocoa colouring comes through.

I then put the mixture in the microwave for one minute and 20 seconds. I made sure to check it regularly after one minute as it may not have needed the full amount of time – or I could have needed more time.

You will know when the cake is done as the sponge will rise to the top of the mug.

While the cake was cooking I made the icing – and it couldn’t have been easier. I just sieved the icing sugar over the cream cheese and mixed them well – it should be smooth but not too runny.

Once the cake was done, I spooned the icing on top and tucked in immediately straight from the mug. It was heavenly. 

I expected the sponge to be dry and rubbery after cooking in the microwave, but that wasn’t the case. It was super moist and full of flavour. This red velvet mug cake is definitely worth making.

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