Get Amazon’s best Fire Stick for the cheapest price – but act fast

It now packs a faster processor, more internal storage and upgraded Wi-Fi 6E which means, as long as you have a compatible router, your streaming should never stutter – even when watching in pin-sharp 4K.

Its new design is more curvaceous which makes it a little more pleasing to the eye and it gets the exclusive Ambient Experience which is not available on any other Fire Stick. This feature offers stacks of free artwork which makes your telly appear like a constantly changing work of art. You can also add useful floating widgets over the top for easy access to things such as weather, sticky notes, smart home gadgets and what’s on live TV.

The Fire Stick 4K Max remains a great gadget for streaming TV. It packs a premium punch, gets exclusive features and offers endless hours of TV entertainment. And if your old Fire Stick seems a bit slow then this might be the upgrade you need.

Argos has also matched the price drops on Amazon with a number of reductions on Firesticks.

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