Hair expert shares haircuts that will ‘slim your face’

Hair experts at Schwarzkopf revealed the way hair frames the face could “add subtle definition [to] make your face look narrower”.

Even fairly slim women who have a round face may be perturbed by how much larger they look because of their unchangeable face shape, but a haircut could work wonders to slim the face.


One of the most recommended haircuts to slim down the face is the classic “lob” haircut.

Having an asymmetrical long bob (otherwise known as a lob) is touted as the “absolute best hairstyle if you want to make your face look thinner”.

The trick is to make sure the length is “at least three inches below the chin in the front” with an angled shorter in the back.

The hair expert at Schwarzkopf elaborated: “It can extend down to your collarbone, and make sure to ask your hairstylist to add some shattered layers to help define your face.”

Hair stylist Ryan Wilkes told Woman and Home that shattered layers are “cut at a steeper angle which leaves the texture more visible”.

This type of hair layering is said to work on all hair textures from fine to thick hair.

By parting the lob in the middle too, the way the hair will fall on either side will help to elongate the face.

Long layers

People who are lucky enough to have thick hair should consider long layers to consider the illusion of a slim face.

The hair expert said: ” One thing to keep in mind when styling, is to keep volume in the lower sections of your hair, to help balance your face.

“Too much volume on the sides of your face will only make your face look rounded.”

Sideswept bangs

Women who have a larger, round face would be best to include side-swept bangs into their haircut.

Anybody hoping to slim down their face should steer clear of straight bangs and instead opt for a long, side-swept bang that gently bends around the face and cheekbones.

The hair experts added: “They should be cut no shorter than halfway down your nose, and should have ‘shattered’ ends.” These bangs are best styled onto the side.

Three haircuts to slim the face

  • Lob
  • Long layers
  • Sideswept bangs

The next time you go to the hair salon, share your concern about a round-looking face and discuss with your stylist the best look for you.

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