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Marvel Games has announced plans to unveil a brand new game later today. The new Marvel game will be officially unveiled at 3pm GMT UK time on the afternoon of March 27. Fans can expect the announcement to drop on social media, with a trailer hitting YouTube and additional details potentially being shared with sites like the PlayStation blog. Likewise, Marvel will likely share a press release with more information, so check back at 3pm GMT to get the full lowdown on the latest big-budget Marvel video game release. Of course, while the official announcement is pencilled in for 3pm, it looks like certain details may have leaked ahead of schedule.

Indeed, judging by the latest reports, the new superhero video game will be titled Marvel Rivals.

The game will reportedly be inspired by the likes of Overwatch, featuring 6-vs-6 multiplayer matches set within the Marvel universe.

It will primarily feature third-person combat with destructible environments for extra carnage.

Much like Overwatch, each character will have their own unique weapons and abilities, which could work really well given the subject matter.

If the leaks are accurate, then characters will include Bruce Banner (Hulk), Black Panther, Groot, Loki, Storm, The Punisher, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Magic, Luna Snow, Mantis, Rocket Raccoon and Magneto.

That’s on top of Peni Parker, Scarlett Witch, Star Lord and Namor. Some odd choices, but I’m sure more will be added if the game is a success. 

According to insider Miller Ross, the game will be announced for consoles and PC, despite rumours that a mobile port was also in development.

While the game doesn’t have an exact release date at the time of the leaks, Marvel Rivals will reportedly launch in 2025.

Developed by NetEase, the game reveal will incorporate paid influencers excitedly sharing footage from the game.

Daily Express will update this article once the reveal goes live at 3pm GMT UK time on March 27.

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