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Argos is selling the Meta Quest 2 virtual reality device at a massively reduced price. While it may not have the mixed-reality capabilities of the more recent Meta Quest 3, the last-gen VR headset is still mightily impressive, featuring support for hundreds of games and apps from the Meta Store. You can play everything from Resident Evil 4 and Walking Dead Saints and Sinners, to personal favourites like Walkabout Mini Golf, Superhot VR and Drums Rock. Best of all, however, is the price tag, which is down to just £199.99 for a limited time at Argos. While you don’t need a special code to take advantage of the discount, you will need to act quickly, because the store is showing that the deal is “in demand” and “selling fast”. As one of the retailer’s trending deals, stocks may not be available for long, so be warned. You can pick up a discounted Meta Quest 2 headset by clicking the link below.

With prices going down and technology consistently improving, there’s genuinely never been a better time to try VR at home.

I’ve been using my Meta Quest headset and PSVR 2 device more than ever recently, thanks in no small part to my love of all the drumming apps and the release of countless DLC courses for Walkabout Mini Golf.

I’ve also been getting into VR pinball apps as of late, purchasing the Universal Classics Pinball add-on for Pinball FX2 VR on Meta Quest.

VR pinball is arguably better than the real thing, because not only can you play on lots of really cool tables, but you get additional effects like sharks swimming by and aliens saying hello while you play.

Another must-play app is Richie’s Plank Experience, which is something I always show to virtual reality rookies whenever I get the chance.

Less of a game and more of an experience (hence the name), Richie’s Plank Experience challenges players to walk the plank at the top of a huge skyscraper. It’s terrifying when you take your first steps, especially if you fall, or come across any giant spiders.

VR also breathes new life into one or two games that weren’t originally made with the technology in mind.

Rez Infinite, for example, is an updated version of a game that was around on the PS2 and Dreamcast. It’s a surreal and, dare I say, “trippy” experience, blending music, visuals and gameplay to create something truly unique.

Despite having a headset strapped to your face, fitness games also work really well in VR – although I’d recommend purchasing the Elite Strap for additional comfort.

Even some of the more traditional games like Beat Saber, Creed: Rise to Glory and Pistol Whip will give players a good workout, as you duck, dodge, swipe, punch and shoot everything in your path.

The Meta Quest 2 really shines in this department, because the lack of wires means you won’t get tangled up.

Finally, if you’ve got the guts, the horror genre is another one that is enhanced by VR. Games like Dreadhalls, Exorcist Legion and Affected: The Manor are all incredibly creepy and full of jump scares.

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