Petrol and diesel owners can ‘reduce fuel wastage’ by making quick change in 2024

Petrol and diesel owners can “reduce fuel wastage” by making a simple change while behind the wheel in 2024, according to experts.

Motorists have been warned the way they drive could have a “detrimental impact” on fuel use with aggressive motorists likely to be punished.

Sudden acceleration and harsh braking will use a higher level of energy and therefore burn more fuel than maintaining a constant speed.

It means boy racers or those in a rush are likely to splash out more for fuel than those who are more careful while behind the wheel.

Specialist insurance broker ChoiceQuote pointed out the simple solution as they warned drivers how to slash the pennies at the petrol pump.

As well as saving fuel, the specialists said being more careful could also protect vital components from wearing out.

They explained: “Even your driving style can impact your car’s fuel economy – especially if your vehicle has a manual gearbox.

“Bad habits like rapid acceleration, excessive speeding, and frequent braking can increase your fuel consumption significantly.

“Not to mention that this can wear out your car’s brakes, tyres, suspension and transmission, leading to costly maintenance and repair bills. You could even reduce your vehicle’s overall lifespan and reduce its resale value as a result.”

The Department for Transport has previously revealed cars would use about 10 percent less fuel when driven at 50 mph rather than 62 mph.

Meanwhile, a reduction in speed from 68 mph to 50mph can reduce fuel consumption by 20 percent. The RAC has warned excessive speed was the “biggest fuel-guzzling factor” so having a “light right foot” is the answer to savings.

They added: “Of course, you will always have to accelerate a number of times on a journey, but that doesn’t mean you have to pull away like you’re on the starting line at Silverstone.

“Probably the biggest secret to achieving high mpg is driving in the highest possible gear for your vehicle while keeping within the speed limit.”

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