How to make roses bloom more with one vital task you need to do now, claims garden expert

are one of the most commonly sought-after for their gorgeous beauty and scent.

Most roses bloom between late spring and early autumn, typically taking about six weeks to produce each new set of flowers as the continues growing throughout the season.

However, a rose bush that is struggling to survive will bloom only sporadically if at all.

If you are thinking of starting a rose garden or if you already have one of your own and are looking for a few extra tips on how to make rose plants flower more, you are in the right place.

Michael Griffiths, otherwise known as @themediterranean_gardener on , has shared the key to giving your roses a boost for summer in a video.

With just one application of this, Michael guaranteed that it would “feed your roses all summer long”.

To fertilise your roses, start by clearing the plant of any surrounding weeds and debris.

Grab the packet of feed and measure the amount needed amount to make sure you’re giving the plant the right amount of food.

Pour it all around the base of your roses and then lightly agitate the soil. Michael did this by using a hand fork.

After fertilising, the last step is to water your roses. Michael said: “If you’re not expecting rain soon, lightly water it [your roses] in.”

Always provide water at the base of a plant. Water that stands on foliage too long can sponsor the development of powdery mildew, black spot and other diseases.

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