Ryan Giggs’ brother responds as former Man Utd star mocked in Bukayo Saka comparison | Football | Sport

“This is 27 years ago, we’ve been fine after it, but as soon as all this s*** happens, because I sold my story on this, they’re like, he’s at it again. I wasn’t going to [on this occasion], because I spoke to Ryan about getting our relationship back together again but he had to do that, I’m not going to instigate it, and I had nothing for six or seven months.

“If I was going to sell some stories I’d have done it last year and buried this p****, buried him. There’s some stories I know that could have buried him, so if I wanted to sell stories I’d do it, but why would I want to do that? Why? I wouldn’t.

“I’m not that bitter and not that twisted, but he needs to be careful, because I could have. A lot of people could have, but they didn’t, and it’s all from him making the choices he’s made, no one else. You can’t go through life and this nice, innocent family man when you’re banging everything in sight. How old is he, 48, 49? He needs to grow the f*** up.”

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