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The creator of Netflix’s Drive to Survive Formula One series has claimed that Christian Horner has blamed him for the media attention over the scandal engulfing Red Bull. An investigation – which cleared Horner of inappropriate behaviour towards a female employee in February – will be covered in the next series of the behind-the-scenes show.

James Gay-Rees has promised that the scandal will be referenced within the show but is unsure how prominently it will feature. He says that all parties must be happy with the way it is covered.

Horner was cleared of inappropriate behaviour by a Red Bull GmbH investigation led by an independent lawyer in February. However, the day after the case was closed, text messages purported to have been sent by Horner to a female colleague were leaked to F1 personnel and journalists.

The complaint against Horner had been made by a female member of Red Bull’s staff. The individual, who has been suspended on full pay, is appealing the outcome of the probe.

The scandal has been the major talking point of the F1 season so far, and Gay-Rees told the Telegraph that Horner told him of the media attention: “This is all your fault.”

Drive to Survive has been credited with exponentially raising the profile of F1. New fans have had their interest in the sport piqued by the show. That, in turn, has increased the media presence on the grid and scrutiny on individuals involved.

Gay-Rees has promised fans that the investigation into Horner and the subsequent fallout will be covered in the next season of the hit show Drive to Survive. He said: “It will have to be referenced in some capacity, yeah.

“And they will all want it to be told in a particular way, so it’s about treading that line to keep everybody happy, and to keep Netflix happy, and us – so we can sleep at night with the decisions we’ve made.”

Horner has been team principal at Red Bull since the team’s inception in 2005. He has been key to the success of Max Verstappen over the last three years.

Verstappen himself has been a vocal critic of Drive to Survive and his reaction to the scandal might be limited given that he has refused to have a starring role in the series. “You don’t see a lot of me on Drive to Survive, which is why I don’t like doing it,” the three-time world champion has previously said.

“You probably don’t get the right side of me because it is just an interview, I am just sitting down in a dark room and I hate that. They put a mic in front of you and you have to talk about the season which… just have a casual interaction, have fun.”

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