Best fence paint colours expert claims will make your garden ‘look so much bigger’

colours can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your

The season of garden improvement is upon us, it’s time to consider how even limited garden space can be transformed with a simple fence painting project. 

For those looking to maximise their outdoor area this spring and summer,  expert Fiona Jenkins from MyJobQuote has shared five colours that can help Britons transform their garden.

1. Natural colours such as sage green visually extend the landscape

Soft green fencing creates visual continuity in your garden, especially if your garden contains plenty of green border plants. 

Adding more green not only visually extends the garden but also makes garden boundaries “look less conspicuous”, creating a feeling of expansiveness. 

2. Light grey enhances the perception of space

Light grey, one of the nation’s favoured fence colour options, is also a sure way to create the illusion of more space. 

Fiona said: “Light grey softens and blurs the frame of your garden, making it look so much bigger than it is. Lighter colours such as grey tend to reflect more light than dark colours, making it feel much brighter and open, enhancing the perception of space. 

“It’s a great option if you have more foliage-based plants rather than flowers throughout your garden, too, as the contrast between the light hue of the fence draws the eye outward.”

3. Soft pink for south-facing gardens

One surprising option that actually gives the illusion of more space is soft pinks. Fiona said: “If you’re lucky enough to get sun in the garden through all points of the day, a soft pink may be the colour option for you.”

“South-facing gardens boast beautiful sunshine all day long and the soft hues of sunrise and sunset can cause gardens with pink fences to look much bigger. It can also evoke the sense of natural beauty, creating a serene environment which feels expansive and inviting.” 

4. Neutral tones like beige and ivory improve garden space and look of plants

Neutral tones allow other elements such as colourful plants to “stand out”. The lack of visual distraction can also “make the garden appear larger”, keeping the focus on other garden features.

Not only that, but beige and ivory tones have a minimalist feel which emphasises simplicity and openness, a contemporary garden trend that we’re seeing a lot of right now. 

Fiona said: “By keeping the colour palette as simple as possible, they create a clean and uncluttered look that creates a spacious feel in the garden.”

5. Light blue makes gardens appear bigger 

Not all fence colours have to be neutral colours. Light blue is often associated with the sky on a clear, summer’s day and by painting fences light blue, you mimic the colour of the sky, creating the colour of an expansive overhead space. 

Not only that, but the export noted: “The contrast of the light blue with any greenery makes vegetation stand out more prominently, therefore casting the eye upward and creating a sense of depth and openness in the garden.”

Fence colours that make gardens appear smaller

Fences with high contrast colours or include busy patterns and intricate designs can “overwhelm the visual space and make the garden feel smaller”, as they break up the continuity of the garden space. 

“Other constricting colours include bold or vibrant warm tones such as oranges, red-toned browns and yellows as they can cause the area to “feel overly busy and cluttered”.


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