Chef’s ‘game-changing’ roast potato hack makes them ‘perfectly crispy’ in 20 mins

A chef has shared a brilliant trick that makes “perfectly crispy” roast potatoes in just 20 minutes. This is great news if you’re in a hurry to get your roast dinner ready.

Everyone who loves making Sunday lunch has their own “secret” tip for getting roast potatoes just right. Some people say you need to cook them for three hours, others add unusual ingredients like Marmite, and some do the “seven-minute shuffle”.

Everyone has their own way of doing it.

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He whips egg whites in a bowl “until no liquid remains” and uses this to coat the whole potatoes.

Once they are all completely covered, he seasons the potatoes with salt and pepper – but you can add anything else you fancy – and puts them in the oven for just 20 minutes at 200C.

The chef said the time needed in the oven may be slightly longer if you use larger potatoes, saying: “The trick for getting a crackling-crispy skin on the potatoes is egg whites.”

“You want to whip the whites until they’re foamy and no liquid remains in the bowl, then add the potatoes, toss them until well coated, and strain away any excess before adding any seasoning.”

“This technique works best with tiny, young ‘new’ potatoes, which have a thin skin that crisps up easily. If you can’t find truly small new potatoes, grab the smallest fingerlings or baby russets you can find, and adjust the timing accordingly.”

And that’s it — crispy roast potatoes in 20 minutes. Would you be willing to give it a try?

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