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A new train line in Europe boosted with £2.6bn could link a beautiful to a popular . Lisbon Metro is currently working on an extension plan between Metro Sul do Tejo and Costa de Caparica.

Metro Sul do Tejo, also known as the Southern Tagus Metro, is a rapid transit system serving the southern suburbs of Lisbon, the capital city of .

The expansion of this metro system – which currently transports 16 million visitors a year, would be a significant development in the region’s transportation infrastructure.

The initial phase of Metro Sul do Tejo began operations in 2007, connecting several municipalities south of the Tagus River to central Lisbon. 

This initial line, known as the Metro Sul do Tejo line, runs from Cacilhas, in Almada, to Corroios, in Seixal, passing through several densely populated areas along the way.

Since its inception, there have been plans to expand the network to serve more areas and improve connectivity in the southern Lisbon metropolitan area. 

One notable expansion project is the extension of the metro line from Corroios to Barreiro, which would link the southern suburbs directly to Barreiro, a municipality located on the opposite side of the Tagus River from Lisbon. 

This extension would significantly enhance transportation options for residents and reduce dependency on road-based transport.

Apart from linking Metro Sul do Tejo with Costa de Caparica, which will now be examined by Metropolitano de Lisboa, there are other planned connections for the future. 

These include linking Corroios and Fogueteiro in the Seixal municipality, as well as linking Fogueteiro, Seixal River Terminal, Barreiro River Terminal, and Lavradio railway station in the municipalities of Seixal and Barreiro.

Costa de Caparica is a popular coastal area located in the municipality of Almada, just south of Lisbon. It is renowned for its extensive stretch of sandy beaches, which attract visitors and locals alike, especially during the summer months.

The beaches of Costa de Caparica offer something for everyone, from family-friendly areas with calm waters to spots favoured by surfers for their excellent waves. Some of the most well-known beaches in Costa de Caparica include Praia da Rainha, Praia do Rei, Praia da Nova Vaga, and Praia da Mata.

However, the expansion of Metro Sul do Tejo has faced challenges, including funding constraints and logistical issues associated with construction in densely populated urban areas. 

Despite these challenges, efforts to expand and improve the metro system continue, driven by the goal of enhancing public transportation options and promoting sustainable urban development in the southern Lisbon metropolitan area.

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