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Lewis Hamilton has been told to “lead by example” when calling for transparency from the FIA.

Former driver David Coulthard has accused the Mercedes star of only speaking out against the governing body in times of huge controversy, such as allegations of conflict of interest against Susie Wolff last December – a case that was very quickly dropped.

Hamilton has been told he needs to “lead by example” in being transparent, rather than demanding it of the FIA whenever there is a controversy.

“There’s one school of thought that says: ‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity’,” Coulthard told the Formula For Success podcast.

“Whenever there’s been big traumas and Formula One – loss of life and horrible situations like that – the audience has grown because it takes it off the back pages and puts it on the front pages.

“We’ve had Lewis Hamilton ask for more accountability and transparency across the board.

“I’m always a bit curious on that, actually, because it’s like people ask for things whilst they’re not having to do it. Lead by example in being transparent and open, rather than just doing so whenever there’s a controversy.”

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