Best car for a staycation features retro styling and practical boot

The new and used vehicle retail platform Carwow has shared the coolest cars to take a staycation in during the Easter break.

With more than 14 million set to take to the roads for a short change of scenery during the Easter holidays, using the correct car can be the difference between the perfect getaway and discomfort for all the family.

Mat Watson, Carwow’s Chief Content Officer, suggested that one of the best vehicles for an Easter break is the Volkswagen ID Buzz, an all-electric MPV with 1960s styling and plenty of legroom and boot space for passengers and luggage.

He explained: “What could be cooler for a staycation than a retro-styled VW? OK, it’s not the cheapest option but definitely the coolest. It comes with an abundance of space and five individual seats (with a seven-seater in the pipeline).

“There’s lots of luggage space, but be a bit careful on how much weight you put in it as this will have an impact of the range – but regular stops for charging combined with comfort breaks combine well on a long journey. If you don’t want an EV, then the Volkswagen Multivan is another boxy and van-like option to consider.”

Budget-conscious motorists looking for a new family car that is practical enough for an Easter staycation were advised to buy a Skoda Superb.

Whilst the majority of car brands are more focused on producing stylish SUVs, the Superb is a traditional estate that features 660 litres of boot space, making it more practical than the more expensive Mercedes Benz E-Class Estate.

Motorists can buy a brand new Skoda Superb Estate for £36,165, however used examples of the latest version can be bought for as little as £18,300.

Carwow also highlighted that the latest-generation Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer is another good option for drivers who want some style with their next family car.

Like the rest of the Vauxhall range, the latest Astra features a ‘vizor’ front end which gives the car an aggressive, sporty appearance, helped by the two-tone paintwork and black rear spoiler found on many examples.

With a 597-litre boot, it is not quite as practical as Skoda’s estate, however the Astra Sports Tourer can be ordered with a petrol, diesel, plug-in hybrid or electric powertrain, with prices starting at £29,160.

Finally, Mat recommended that motorists in the market for a new SUV look at the Citroen C5 Aircross, winner of Carwow’s ‘Family Values’ award.

He added: “Citroen’s C5 Aircross is an absolute bargain, which is a key quality for a great family vehicle. But it also ticks a whole series of other important boxes too, because it’s comfortable, practical, has a commanding driving position and also has plenty of chic French style to it too.

“Citroen’s very competitive pricing means C5 Aircross is more accessible than ever, and is a great choice for anyone looking for family transport.”

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