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Poland, Germany and the Netherlands have taken concrete steps together to boost defence against the Russian threat.

As it was announced last month, these three NATO and EU member states have joined forces by entering the so-called “military Schengen” agreement, a European initiative aiming to streamline the mobility of troops among its signatories.

This alliance serves to both support Ukraine in its war efforts and the NATO eastern flank, amid growing fears Vladimir Putin may be planning a new invasion in Europe.

The “military Schengen” allows for a swift aid corridor for the war-torn nation as well as an easier mobilisation on eastern Europe should there ever be the need for it.

Advocating for this deal, Polish Defence Minister Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz said the unlawful Russian invasion of Ukraine has shown how important it is to be able to rapidly mobilise troops.

Similarly, the Dutch ambassador to Poland, Daphne Bergsma, said military mobility is key in addressing growing geopolitical challenges.

Following various reports and assessments suggesting the Kremlin may be planning a new act of aggression, some European countries have started taking steps to boost their ability to deter threats.

Poland is one of the countries believed to be more at risk of Russian aggression, alongside the Baltic states and Moldova.

Last week, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk warned the continent is in a “pre-war era”, with conflict no longer being a “concept from the past”. Rather, he added: “It’s real and it started over two years ago.”

Diplomats from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia also raised alarm bells about the changing climate in the continent, urging the West to be prepared to “respond quickly” to potential challenges arising.

In a joint article penned for The Sunday Telegraph to mark the 20th anniversary of the Baltic countries’ accession to NATO, the Estonian ambassador Viljar Lubi, the Latvian ambassador Ivita Burmistre, and Lithuania’s charge d’affaire Lina Zigmantaite, wrote: “We are acutely aware that Russia’s war economy and battle-hardened military can pivot quickly from south to west.

“We agree with intelligence assessments that a sharp strategic challenge to our defence and deterrence could come in as little as three years or even less. We on the east side of the Baltic Sea have few natural frontiers, and nowhere to retreat to.”

This warning came just days after Putin dismissed Western fears Russia is planning an attack against a NATO member state as “drivel”.

He said: “The idea that we will attack some other country – Poland, the Baltic States, and the Czechs are also being scared – is complete nonsense. It’s just drivel.”

Yet, his threat against F-16 jets pledged to Ukraine by some EU nations has sparked concern he may be preparing the terrain for an escalation.

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