Mick Jagger fans can’t believe his age as 80-year-old star shows off his moves | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

“Moves like who!” he cheekily captioned the video, and credited the live performance to a band called Splash.

The post caught the attention of Mick’s 24-year-old son Lucas, who replied: “Dadda WHO PUT U UP TO THis.”

It’s unknown who was filming the video, though a female voice could be heard laughing just out of frame.

Mick has been with his partner Melanie Hamrick, 36, for the past 10 years.

Several more of Mick’s 3.2 million followers showed their appreciation for his moves in the comments, many of whom couldn’t believe his age.

“It’s like he’s 35!!” one Instagram user exclaimed. “He’s my mom’s age, and he’s still younger than me.”

“Danced with him once in Adelaide,” another fan claimed.

“Will name drop, brag and remember forever. Best dance partner ever. The guy is a machine.”

“Imagine having Mick Jagger casually dancing in the crowd for your performance,” a third fan replied, with a mind blown emoji.

And one more user commented: “I adore your youthful energy… always full of beans and smiling!!”

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