Thousands reject calls to allow 13-year-olds to drive as idea ‘sends shivers down spine’

Thousands have called for a new petition urging 13-year-olds to be allowed driving licences to be ditched over road safety concerns.

A new Parliament petition has pushed for the changes with a campaigner stressing 13 year olds “can be trusted” to get behind the wheel.

So far almost 4,000 people have put their names to the survey and backed the major change.

Yusuf said: “I would like the government to change the legal driving age to 13 because I believe that 13+-year-olds can be trusted to drive a car and should be able to get a driving licence.

“I want the government to do this because I think 13-year-olds are old enough to get a driver licence.”

However, the petition must reach 10,000 signatures for it to receive an official Government response and 100,000 to be considered for debate in Parliament.

A new poll from has revealed widespread dissatisfaction with the concept as over 7,000 motorists rejected the scheme.

A whopping 98.22 percent of those polled said 13-year-olds should not be given keys to the road. Just 1.54 percent said they agreed with the new plan while 0.22 percent of respondents were still on the fence.

Instead of lowering the limit, dozens of readers actually called for the driving age to be raised with many calling for it to be raised from 17 to 21.

Express reader @Cammy said: “This makes no sense. Who in their right mind came up with this. Would be better raising the age to 21.”

@fluffyrock posted: “Absolutely no way should a 13-year-old be driving a car, they’d probably think that it was a computer game. They are obsessed with mobiles phones so they aren’t known for their concentration and attention span in the real world.”

@Anfield1954 responded: “The thought of my grandson (13) driving a car sends shivers down my spine.”

Another reader stressed: “The fact anybody thought up and signed up to this idea shows a lack of maturity and so no we don’t want them driving.”

However, some respondents also pointed out that youngsters would find it difficult to afford the increasing cost of motoring.

Recent data from shows that young drivers aged just 17 are paying an eye-watering £2,877 per year for fully comprehensive cover,

@JohnGarbutt1 added: “Can you imagine how much the insurance would be, also how can a thirteen-year-old have enough money to buy a car?”

@prs reacted: “OK just ask the insurance companies for their view. Snore.”

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