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Rumours have been abounding in recent months that Disney wants Johnny Depp to return as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

However, the catch is reportedly that the 60-year-old would be in a supporting role to a black female lead.

Now producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who has previously said he’d love for Depp to reprise his Oscar-nominated role in the movie, has given an update.

In a new interview with Comic Book, the 80-year-old Hollywood veteran was asked what would hit the big screen first, Top Gun 3 or Pirates 6?

That’s when he unveiled that the latter is set to be a reboot, which presumably spells choppy waters for a proper Jack Sparrow return.

Bruckheimer said: “It’s hard to tell. You don’t know, you really don’t know.

You don’t know how they come together. You just don’t know. Because with Top Gun you have an actor who is iconic and brilliant. 

“And how many movies he does before he does Top Gun, I can’t tell you. But we’re gonna reboot Pirates, so that is easier to put together because you don’t have to wait for certain actors.”

Whatever the case, a respected industry source told that Depp will certainly be considering a Jack Sparrow return.

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