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The Beatles wrote countless incredible songs, but what is Paul McCartney‘s favourite of all the tracks he penned?

Now in the latest podcast episode of McCartney: A Life in Lyrics, the 81-year-old has shared exactly which one.

Macca confessed: “I’m often asked what my favourite song I’ve ever written is, and I don’t ever really want to I can’t answer it, but if pushed, I would go to Here, There, and Everywhere.”

The music legend penned the love ballad credited to Lennon-McCartney for The Beatles’ 1966 album Revolver and it turns out he wrote it just as John Lennon was waking up one morning.

McCartney shared: “I remember writing this song while waiting for John one day. I would go out to his house for a writing session, and he wasn’t always up. So I would often have 20 minutes, half an hour while someone told him I was here, and he would get up. 

“I remember sitting out by his swimming pool in his house in Weybridge, which is a golf suburb of London. I had my guitar because I was ready for the writing session. So we sat out and started something.. it just went quite nice and smoothly. 

“So by the time I came to write with John, by the time he deemed to get up and have his coffee, I would have something to go on.”

McCartney: A Life in Lyrics is an iHeartPodcast and can be listened to here.

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