Mum who weighed 22 stone lost half her bodyweight when she realised one thing

A mother of four, whose weight ballooned to 22 stone, has revealed how she managed to lose an impressive 11 stone in just 18 months.

Emma Whitehouse was moved to tears when she first realised her weight. Her wake-up call came in January 2022, when she saw a photo of herself from the Christmas festivities.

Unhappy with what she saw, she decided to take action. Feeling nervous, Emma went to her local Slimming World group and was shocked by her weight when she stepped on the scales.

“When I saw my weight at nearly 22 stone I really did fight back the tears, I couldn’t believe how heavy I was,” said Emma, who works as a pub barmaid, according to Birmingham Live.

She knew it was time to make a change and despite her nerves, Emma said she received a warm welcome from the consultant and the group.

During her time there, she learned about a simple eating plan that allowed her to enjoy unlimited pasta, rice, and all her family favourites. When she returned for her weigh-in a week later, she had lost a massive six pounds and hasn’t looked back since.

Over the following months, Emma watched her weight steadily decrease. It was then that she realised what she had been missing all along.

“Before joining Slimming World, I used to get derailed on my weight loss attempts,” Emma shared. “Yet, with the support of the group, I’ve been able to manage this. I’d have never lost over 11 stone without this support. I soon began to realise I’m not alone on my weight loss journey. Previously, if I’d had a setback, I may have thought ‘oh forget it’ and now I know I don’t need to throw all my efforts away.

“It’s about having ownership and drawing that line after an event or a setback, taking back control. For me now, it’s about recognising where I might go awry and if I do, it’s about being kind to myself afterwards and not letting that ruin all my progress that’s crucial. My life is so different now I never thought I could do it, I’d tried and failed before but now I have bags of energy to run around after my four young children. I work as a barmaid in a pub too and I’m literally half the barmaid I was.”

Emma, from Dudley, found that Slimming World wasn’t just about changing her diet; it was also about getting more active. The Body Magic programme shows people how to include activity in their daily lives.

It helps those who didn’t like sports at school to find ways to move more without needing to join a gym or start running.

“Everything counts from walking to gardening to washing the car,” explained Emma. “I love activity now I can do so much more than I ever could before”.

On a special day, Valentine’s Day last year, Emma was over the moon to get the Club 50 award. It’s for people who have lost half their starting weight.

She went from a huge 22 stone down to 11 stone. Emma shared her joy: “The day I received this award was just indescribable I’d done it,” and she said, “I’m so proud of myself. I’ve kept the weight off for over a year now and I just know with everything that Slimming world has taught me, I will keep it off forever it’s been a complete lifestyle change and I love it”.

Emma is super excited because she’s now going to help others as a Slimming World Consultant. She said happily: ” I can’t wait to get started and share the warmth and kindness I was shown. I want to show people that it doesn’t matter how many things you’ve tried before, you can absolutely reach weight loss goals with my support.”

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