Keep onions and garlic fresh ‘twice as long’ by storing them in the correct place

She said: “The waste of onions took a serious decline once I learned this neat little trick. It’s a unique way of storing onions and garlic- and it has truly worked! It involves paper bags, a hole punch, and some hand muscle;).”

Storing onions and garlic properly in a paper bag protects them from moisture and the holes allow air circulation, which will help keep them dry and fresh for much longer.

All you need to do is fold a brown paper bag in half lengthwise and then fold it again. Then use a hole puncher to punch a row of holes along the edges of the bag and then do the same on the other side.

Camille said: “This will help to cut down the amount of hole punching you need to do; I promise your hands will be wanting as much of a break as possible with all the hole punching you will be doing.

“But it will be worth it when you grab that onion two months later and it’s still as fresh as the day you bought it from the store!”

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Fill the paper bags around halfway up, label the bags, and then fold the top of the bag a couple of times and then secure with a paper clip.

If you follow the paper bag method, onions and garlic can last between three to six months. This works better than keeping them stored in their original supermarket plastic packaging where moisture can easily build up and cause vegetables to begin rotting.

Camille said: “My onions easily last two to three months and usually that’s about when I get around to using them all.”

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