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Red Bull have denied claims made by a friend of Christian Horner’s accuser amid the saga involving the Formula One team principal. Horner was accused of inappropriate behaviour by an unnamed Red Bull employee, but has strenuously denied the allegations throughout, with an independent investigation clearing the Brit of any wrongdoing.

The accuser has appealed against the Red Bull decision, with the process ongoing, and now in an interview published by the BBC, a friend of Horner’s accuser spoke out about the controversy.

They said: “It is registered to go to an employment tribunal, which is public. As a friend, I can tell you I would assume that Horner, like he has done every step of the way, will do everything he can to make sure that the employee tribunal is not public.

“Unfortunately, the date is a long time away. She has been threatened with legalese every step of the way, as has the media. She has now been suspended and it’s clear that’s Red Bull following a process to eventually fire her.”

However, Red Bull have responded to those claims, with a spokesperson saying: “Christian has not made attempts to [make sure the employment tribunal is private]. And she has not been suspended with the intent of firing her.”

Less than 24 hours after the decision from Red Bull’s investigation, alleged messages from Horner sent to an unnamed employee were leaked to the media, team members and senior personnel within the FIA – the sport’s governing body. But Horner once again denied the allegations.

The friend of the female employee, who has remained anonymous, had also said during the interview: “She struggles to understand how, given the information, an independent process can have come to the conclusions it has, and the actions that have followed.

“It’s shocking but not surprising how upset she is. There have been multiple financial offers [to sell her story], none of which she has had any interest in even engaging on. The fact she can’t talk to her friends, is only allowed to talk to her direct family members.”

The accuser’s friend added: “You have a single female who has followed the right process and feels like she is unheard and it has been a totally unjust process. It takes a pretty brave woman to do what she has done. And unfortunately it is a very poor state of affairs.”

Express Sport have approached Red Bull for comment.

The Formula One season continues this weekend with the Japanese Grand Prix. Red Bull have won two out of the three races so far this year, with driver Max Verstappen favourite to finish on top of the podium in Suzuka.

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