Meghan Markle wears look worth huge sum to kid’s hospital with shoes from £17K collection | Royal | News

Meghan has worn the dress before, previously being spotted in it during her husband Harry’s controversial Netflix documentary.

Today, she wore the Aquazzura £595 ($747) ‘Love Affair’ black pumps.

Meghan’s collection of Aquazzura shoes is worth at least £17,000 at last count.

The Duchess loves the brand and has worn them for years, even on her wedding day when she wore a bespoke pair of pumps from the brand.

Meghan has loved the shoes long before she met Harry, wearing a pair of suede sandals from the brand 2016.

The most expensive shoes Meghan has from the brand are the ‘Celeste’ Glitter Sandals, which cost £994.31 ($1,250).

Meghan has been warned she’s “treading a very dangerous path” with the highly anticipated launch of her own lifestyle brand.

Tom Quinn told The Mirror: “Meghan is treading a very dangerous path by setting up a new commercial project – each time she ramps up the commercial side of her life in the States, she risks losing her royal title.”

He also said: “For now, the senior royals in the UK are watching and waiting they don’t want to act too precipitately in case they are accused of being vindictive. But when things calm down, a decision will be taken that Meghan may not like.”

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